February 2015 Newsletter
Students with Recess Before Lunch Eat More Fruits, Vegetables
Serving lunch after recess increased per-child consumption of fruits and vegetables by 54% and got 45% more students to at least try some of them, researchers reported. The study of elementary schools measured food waste and found students who ate after playing wasted less food compared with those who had lunch first and then went to recess.
"Passive" After-School Commute Tied to Extra Snacking by Students
"Passive commutes" after classes may result in unhealthy eating habits in students, according to a study. Researchers examined fourth- and fifth-grade students and found those who rode home from school in a bus or car ate 78 more calories from snacks and sweets than those who actively commuted by biking or walking.
Art Therapy Improves Behavior in Children
A recent found that students who participated in a 10-week Art Room program, an art therapy program which offers behavioral and emotional support, often were less depressed, had fewer behavioral programs and reported higher self-esteem.
Unrestricted Outdoor Play Boosts Exercise Levels in Children
Canadian researchers say children who were permitted to play and explore outdoors exhibited greater physical activity levels compared with counterparts who were more closely supervised.
Amercian Academy of Pediatrics Calls for Pediatric Measles Vaccination
The AAP has urged parents to have their children vaccinated against measles following the Disneyland outbreak in December that has spread to more than 50 people so far. The group recommends vaccination for measles, mumps and rubella between 12 months and 15 months old and again between ages 4 and 6.
From Our Doctors:
Dr. Gomez:

A continuation of my article in the last issue about healthy eating…
Portion Control: The first rule of portion control is no seconds, do not get up and get more food, let your body learn to recognize what is a good amount! It can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to recognize that your stomach is full, once you have finished the meal that was in your dish and if you still feel hungry, then drink water! You will be surprised at how waiting just 20 minutes, you will no longer feel hungry.
Avoid Unhealthy Foods: Foods that are simply not good at all: tough, I am not saying don’t ever eat them because it would be a lie, they are everywhere, in every single birthday party you go to, or event, or if you are out and about and want a quick bite. I am talking here about not only the obvious chips, pizza or hamburgers. The one thing that most people do not realize is the empty calories we ingest in liquids like soda, juices, sports drinks or “rehydration” drinks- they are FULL of sugar, etc.  They are empty calories because they provide no nutritional value.
Try these changes!  Again, not easy--but once you make them not only you will immediately start losing that extra weight but you will also notice how much more energetic you will feel!
From Dr. Higuera:
Measles is on everyone's minds given the recent outbreak  at Disneyland in southern California.
Some pieces of information:
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, the 1st dose of MMR is 93% effective at preventing measles and the  2nd dose is approximately 97% effective.
  • Currently, it is still recommended that children get the 1st dose at 12 months of age and the 2nd dose at 4 yrs.
  • If traveling internationally, the vaccine should be administered for 6 months of age and older.
Measles is a respiratory virus and is very contagious.  Initial symptoms include high fever, red eyes, runny nose, and cough.  A rash usually appears about 14 days after exposure.  A person is considered contagious 4 days prior and 4 days after the appearance of the rash.  Common complications include ear infections and pneumonia. Other serious complications can occur which can lead to hospitalization and possible long-term side effects.
It is still not too late to vaccinate if your child has not already received the vaccination--the vaccine is very effective at preventing this otherwise potentially very serious illness.


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